It’s On! James O’Keefe Sues Democrat Hawaii Governor For Violating First Amendment

Journalist standing up for free speech as Deep State tries to silence We The People

Image Credits: omg screenshot.

Investigative journalist and OMG founder James O’Keefe recently went undercover in Lahaina, Hawaii, and had his First Amendment violated by Maui police who claimed the order came down from the state’s governor.

In undercover footage, Maui sheriff’s deputies and police officers told O’Keefe Democrat Governor Josh Green gave the order to prevent journalists from filming the disaster scene.

On Thursday, O’Keefe announced he’s going to sue Governor Green for violating his right as a journalist and U.S. citizen to document the aftermath of the tragic blaze.

In what is being labeled as “part one” of OMG’s Lahaina investigation, O’Keefe and his colleagues talked with one deputy who claimed the governor’s emergency declaration forbids anyone from taking pictures of the disaster scene.

“It’s not like they’re trying to hide anything,” the officer assured O’Keefe before informing the journalists National Guard checkpoints lay ahead.

When O’Keefe’s crew arrived at the National Guard checkpoint and spoke with a pair of guardsmen, the individuals told the journalists “nobody can stop you from taking pictures” and that the police officer was “pushing and puffing [his] chest.”

Later, another sheriff’s deputy spoke with O’Keefe and again claimed nobody could take photographs in the area due to the governor’s order.

Another National Guardsman called police “assholes” for falsely telling the reporters they can’t take photographs.

O’Keefe went to a Maui Police Department precinct building and spoke with an officer who told him he could film “whatever” he wanted as long as he wasn’t in the “burn zone.”

Next, O’Keefe parked and walked into the “burn zone” to see what would happen.

On his walk, O’Keefe came upon a local man who described police in unmarked vehicles harassing him for parking on the side of the road to take a phone call.

Near the end of the epic report, O’Keefe talked with attorney Mike Yoder about the lawsuit filed in federal court to stand up against the governor’s anti-First Amendment emergency declaration.

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