IT’S OVER: David Hogg Backs Out Of Anti-Trump Pillow Company

Hogg made it two months in the pillow business, and seems to have manufactured exactly zero pillows.

Image Credits: screenshot/National File.

In February, anti-gun activist David Hogg announced he was launching a pillow company based on progressive politics after Mike Lindell and MyPillow, Lindell being an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, were criticized by the mainstream media. On Saturday, Hogg announced that he was ceding all ownership and control over his pillow company.

In February, Hogg partnered with an entrepreneur named William LeGate to create a pillow company and, in his words, “put MyPillow out of business.” Just over two months later, Hogg resigned from his pillow company, Good Pillow, and claims he will be focusing on his education and activism instead.

Hogg claims his goal was to “create a great pillow that is sustainably produced in domestic unionized factories and have a percentage of those profits benefit progressive social causes,” but due to his “activism, schoolwork, and family commitments,” he “could not give 100% to being a full time co-founder at Good Pillow.”

“Effective immediately, I have resigned and released all shares, any ownership and any control of Good Pillow LLC,” wrote Hogg on Twitter. “I want to thank Will for his partnership,” he added.

“The reasons for my departure rest entirely with me and my own personal commitments and I truly wish Will nothing but the best,” Hogg declared.

At the time of his resignation, Good Pillow has apparently yet to manufacture a single pillow. On the company’s website, would-be consumers are invited to “get on a waiting list for pre-order!” and cautions, “limited supply, 1st come 1st serve.”

The website, apparently made immediately after Hogg declared his intention to create a pillow company on social media, still boasts “Seven days ago they said it could not be done. Seven days ago we joked online about just howpowerful [sic] a pillow company could be.”

While it may never be impossible to buy a Good Pillow from David Hogg, those so inclined can read a nearly 500 word manifesto on the Good Pillow website, written by Hogg and LeGate, which outlines their ideals for the company – ideals that apparently Hogg was unable to manifest, and have yet to be manifested by LeGate.

Lindell and MyPillow are still in business and Lindell is planning to launch his own social media platform,, in the coming week.

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