Ivanka Trump Snubs Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta At Davos

Fake News reporter fails to remain relevant

Image Credits: @mattyhoyeCNN/Twitter.

First Daughter Ivanka Trump totally ignored CNN’s senior reporter Jim Acosta during the Davos meeting in Switzerland on Tuesday.

Video from the World Economic Forum shows Acosta approach Ivanka about her father President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

“Can we get a comment on your father’s impeachment trial?” Acosta asked her. “What are your thoughts?”

She can be seen refusing to acknowledge him as she strode past him while he chased after her for comment.

Acosta has been struggling to maintain relevance after the White House shut down its press briefings, which Acosta frequently used to grandstand and showboat.

In fact, after he released his book “The Enemy Of The People” over the summer, it immediately flopped and he autographed just 30 books during a surprise book signing.

This comes after Arizona Senator Martha McSally called CNN correspondent Manu Raju a “liberal hack” when he tried last week to get her to comment over Trump’s impeachment trial.

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