#IVotedForHillaryClinton Trends As Trump Calls For De-Escalation With Iran

Liberals unaware warmonger Clinton threatened war with Iran numerous times as Secretary of State

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Leftists on Twitter got #IVotedForHillaryClinton trending following the Iranian strike against several U.S. bases in Iraq on Tuesday, but were left with egg on their faces after President Trump called for de-escalating tensions with Iran the next morning.

Soon after Iran shot over a dozen ballistic missiles as multiple U.S. military installations, panicked liberals took to Twitter to remind users that they voted for Hillary Clinton, who definitely wouldn’t have started World War III with Iran.

Clinton herself smugly jumped aboard her own hashtag shortly before Trump gave a speech addressing the attack.

But the pro-Clinton hashtag became an embarrassment after President Trump expressed his desire to de-escalate tensions with Iran and “embrace peace.”

Meanwhile, informed users on Twitter reminded ignorant Clinton supporters that the former Secretary of State avidly supported sparking a regional war with Iran and was partially responsible for destabilizing Libya.

Clinton also voted in favor of launching the Iraq War in 2002 as a New York senator.

Pentagon sources tell NewsWars that Iran Is Launching A Massive Offensive Against Western Targets.