J6 Video: Capitol Police Body Cam Footage Proves Alex Jones Tried To Keep The Peace

Capitol Police were following around Infowars founder during Capitol riot.

Image Credits: Jon Cherry/Getty Images.

New Capitol Police body cam footage from the Jan. 6 protest shows Infowars founder Alex Jones telling protesters to be respectful to police at the barricades outside the Capitol building.

In the footage, a voice from an officer’s radio can be heard saying that Jones was telling protesters to back off the barricades and march peacefully.

“Alex Jones is advising them [protesters] to back off the police lines & start marching around the @uscapitol, per Intel 1,” the officer said.

The body cam footage also paints a clearer picture of how events unfolded outside the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, including how police were given stand-down orders at critical points during the protest.

The breakdown of security compelled Capitol Police to escalate the situation by firing off tear gas rounds and tasing protesters, sometimes at each other.

A thorough and informative Twitter thread showing a series of body cam clips and key moments from the Jan. 6 protest can be found HERE.