James Lindsay Blacklisted by Twitter for Criticizing the Left for Grooming Children

Image Credits: Chesnot/Getty Images.

Academic and leading critic of wokeness James Lindsay has been blacklisted from Twitter, a platform he used to draw public attention to a number of issues that have attracted growing public concern, notably the rise of critical race theory and transgender ideology in schools.

Lindsay was banned after a mass reporting campaign from leftists on the platform, after using the phrase “child sexualization specialist” to describe people who facilitate gender transitions for children — a process that often involves permanent castration and genital mutilation.

Alejandra Caraballo, one of the people who reported Lindsay’s account, celebrated the silencing of the prominent activist on Twitter, saying “good riddance.”

Carabello, who describes herself as a “wise Latina” and hosts a podcast called “queering the law,” has written for Wired and Slate, and works for a tech law program of Harvard Law School. In her current profile picture, she is wearing a shirt bearing the now-popular progressive slogan “protect trans kids.”

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