Jim Caviezel’s ‘Sound of Freedom’ Dominates Ticket Pre-Sales As Disney’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Flops

Go woke, go broke.

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Anti-child trafficking thriller Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel has already hit $10 million in ticket pre-sales ahead of its nationwide July 4th release.

Meanwhile, Disney’s woke Indiana Jones sequel is struggling at the box office.

Angel Studios’ true-story film Sound of Freedom has already sold over a million tickets and is “spotting a $20 million six-day start, impressive for a non-major-studio adult thriller,” Deadline reported Monday.

Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who rescues kidnapped children from international sex trafficking rings with his organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

Ballard left DHS and created OUR after growing frustrated with the government’s efforts to rescue kidnapped children.

While Sound of Freedom is enjoying massive fanfare ahead of its release, Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which was released on June 1, is falling flat of box office expectations.

The fifth film in the Indiana Jones franchise cost $295 million to make — making it the 8th most expensive film of all time — and was projected last month to hit up to $111 million its opening weekend.

But it’s only made about $65 million domestically in the opening weekend and $70 million internationally.

For comparison, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the fourth sequel released in 2008, posted a three-day debut of $126 million domestically.

The 5th Indie film had such a disastrous opening weekend that even Communist China, which has long hoped to surpass Hollywood’s propaganda machine, mocked the film’s release in the Global Times.

With a reported production budget of $295 million, Indiana Jones 5 is the most expensive installment in the Indiana Jones franchise to date. If production costs and theater revenue sharing are taken into consideration, the film would need to earn at least $800 million to break even, making it highly likely that the film will be another loss-making venture for Disney this year.

The box office contrast signals a turning of the tide in the culture war as the American people have become tired of Disney’s woke agenda and are looking for content that is authentic, apolitical, and speaks to real issues.

Watch the Sound of Freedom trailer and be sure to catch this groundbreaking film at one of the 2,600 theater locations across America!

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