Joe Biden Blames His Failures on ‘What I Inherited’ from Donald Trump

Image Credits: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images.

President Joe Biden made excuses for his administration’s failures on Friday by blaming former President Donald Trump.

“Take a look at what I inherited when I came into office, when I came into office the state of affairs, where we were,” Biden said, repeating a familiar complaint by new presidents struggling in their first year of office.

The president spoke about the ongoing migrant and border crisis, his disastrous exit from Afghanistan, and growing Democrat infighting over his multitrillion-dollar agenda at the White House after a speech on coronavirus boosters.

“Remember I said it’s going to take a year to deliver everything I’m looking at here,” Biden said to reporters who questioned the chaotic direction of his presidency.

Owen comments on the ridiculousness that is Maxine waters trying to smear the border patrol as “racist cowboys”.

Biden acknowledged that his administration was still getting people out of Afghanistan, after withdrawing troops, but made the excuse that it was always going to be difficult to end the war.

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