Joe Biden Bumbles Through Another Awkward Campaign Speech, Takes No Questions

Stammers and coughs as he attacks Trump over coronavirus and defends globalism

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden stumbled through another weak speech during a campaign stop in Michigan, coughing throughout while attacking President Trump and then wrapping up without taking questions.

Speaking in Warren on Wednesday to deliver a Trumpesque “Made In America” event, Biden attacked Trump for “lying” about the coronavirus, referring to audio of Trump telling liberal journalist Bob Woodward he downplayed the virus to prevent panic.

It didn’t take long for Biden to utter another meandering, nonsensical sentence about Trump’s America First policies.

At one point during his speech, Biden defended globalism while at the same time claiming he would revive American manufacturing, which received a few solitary claps from the audience.

Biden was also seen frequently coughing into his hand while speaking.

After his speech, the Democrat nominee quickly left the podium without taking a single question.

All in all, another predictable appearance by the ailing Democrat candidate.

Owen Shroyer And DeAnna Lorraine watch as Trump concludes his second rally of the day, as Biden is barely able to stay away through his garden party interview with an audience of four people.