Joe Biden Makes a Fool of Himself in Yet Another Bizarre Interview

One of the most awkward exchanges ever.

Joe Biden was humiliated again after a bizarre MSNBC interview during which he stumbled over his words and sounded semi-incoherant.

“In the history of live television interviews there has never been one this awkward, not ever,” commented one Twitter user who posted the clip.

During the interview, Biden complained that Trump wasn’t acting like a president in his response to the coronavirus outbreak, despite a new Gallup poll showing 60 per cent of Americans approve of Trump’s actions.

“Why doesn’t he just act like a president?” asked Biden before an awkward pause. “That’s a stupid way to say it,” he added as the host of the show talked over him.

“I really wish he….” said Biden before pausing again and looking down then saying “sorry.”

“Go ahead” said host Nicolle Wallace, to which Biden responded, “No, probably best I don’t.”

“I just can’t figure the guy, it’s like watching a yo-yo,” said Biden before yet another pause after which he added, “I shouldn’t have said it that way, it’s like watching…”

Wallace then began nervously laughing while Biden shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Despite Biden’s bizarre behavior, viewers noted how obsequious Wallace acted towards him, constantly smiling in a servile manner.


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