Joe Biden Rages Over Trump Acquittal: “Substance of the Charge Not in Dispute”

Image Credits: Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images.

The Democrats have been fuming over President Trump’s acquittal by the Senate on Saturday over charges of incitement at the Capitol.

Among them was Joe Biden, who released a scathing White House statement accusing Trump of being guilty of inciting the Capitol riot despite his Senate acquittal.

“While the final vote did not lead to a conviction, the substance of the charge is not in dispute,” Biden wrote, referring to Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s harsh speech against Trump.

“This sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile. That it must always be defended. That we must be ever vigilant. That violence and extremism has no place in America. And that each of us has a duty and responsibility as Americans, and especially as leaders, to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.”

Biden went on to say that the effort to impeach Trump was meant to “heal the very soul” of America and to “end this uncivil war.”

“That is how we end this uncivil war and heal the very soul of our nation. That is the task ahead. And it’s a task we must undertake together. As the United States of America,” Biden concluded.

Nothing says “unity” like an unconstitutional impeachment of the most popular Republican president in history, right Joe?

Meanwhile, following his acquittal, Trump declared that the MAGA movement “has only just begun.”

The Globalist agenda is now preparing to round up the opposition and all political dissidents.