Joe Biggs Live From Prison: An Urgent Message On The State Of Our Freedoms

'The amount of evil we're up against is amazing, but I've put my faith in God'

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Two-time Purple Heart recipient USA military veteran and January 6th political prisoner Joe Biggs joined Harrison Smith live from the D.C. gulag prison on Friday’s edition of The American Journal.

Discussing recent revelations of suspected FBI misconduct, Biggs told Smith, “Just this past week, we found out the FBI had been listening in to attorney-client privileged conversations and then building their prosecution based on the points we would bring up talking to lawyers to kind of shape their prosecution…”

Speaking more on the corrupt justice system, Biggs said, “They really don’t care about civil liberties, they don’t care about [undecipherable] issues, they don’t care about First Amendment issues.”

He added, “The amount of evil we’re up against is amazing, but I’ve put my faith in God and we’ve got amazing lawyers working on our defense and I’m positive this is going to work out for the best.”

Biggs has been in solitary confinement for over two years without ever being convicted of a crime as his young daughter grows up without his much-needed presence.

You can help Biggs out by contributing to his defense fund here.

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