Joe Hoft: These Steps Must Be Taken to Ensure Trump is Elected Fairly in 2024

Journalist and author Joe Hoft explains that safeguards must be implemented before the 2024 election rather than fix any fraud or voting issues afterwards.

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Journalist Joe Hoft joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what needs to happen to ensure a free and fair election in 2024.

“What we need is people who are control experts who need to look at the current process, focus on the high-risk areas, and then implement controls that will protect from those illegal operations from occurring,” Hoft told host Alex Jones on Wednesday.

“That’s where our focus needs to be in the next year and a half. Focusing on these areas, looking at how we can fix them to prevent things from happening ahead of time and then putting them in place before the 2024 election” he continued, adding that detecting problems and fixing them after the election already takes place is a losing strategy given nothing was done to remedy the stolen 2020 election.