Joe Rogan Debunks Claims He Spread ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Conspiracy Theories

Image Credits: Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images.

Joe Rogan responded to criticism that he was spreading “anti-covid vaccine conspiracy theories” during his podcast with Alex Jones by posting a CBS News clip in which Bill Gates admitted that in one COVID vaccine trial, 80% of participants suffered side-effects.

Following a failed outrage campaign to have Rogan’s podcast with Jones deplatformed altogether, critics then turned to the content itself, accusing Rogan of facilitating dangerous conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines.

Their specific gripe centered on Jones’ claim that a coronavirus vaccine trial left 80% of participants with side-effects.

“I knew people were going to criticize the content of the podcast without even listening and I was right,” said Rogan on his Instagram page.

“That’s why I fact checked every single crazy thing he said, and all of them were verified. People have said he spread “anti-covid vaccine conspiracy theories” because he said that 80% of the people who were given one of the vaccines got sick. Here’s the video of Bill Gates admitting it himself.”

Rogan posted a video of Bill Gates appearing on CBS News, during which the host explained how at least 80% of participants in a coronavirus vaccine trial experienced a “systemic side effect ranging from severe chills to fevers.”

Gates was then asked, “Are these vaccines safe?” to which he countered that the side effects were not “super severe”.

The host then emphasized that “everybody with a high dose had a side effect,” to which Gates responded, “Yeah but some of that is not dramatic, where you know it’s just super painful.”

“Now, I’m NOT anti vaccine, and if a safe and effective covid vaccine is created I’ll take it and encourage others to take it, but I wanted to put this video up to validate what he said,” wrote Rogan.

“He said a lot of crazy, but accurate things, and that’s what I’ve been saying about him for years. He’s most certainly fucked up in the past, but this episode and the subjects he exposed highlight why I chose to have him on.”



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