John Kerry Joins Joe Biden’s ‘No Malarky’ Tour, Touts as Superhero Who Will ‘Save the World’

Comes after endorsing former VP

Image Credits: Win McNamee/Getty Images.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry joined Joe Biden on his Iowa bus tour to laud the former vice president as the savior of mankind to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

75-year-old Kerry endorsed 76-year-old Biden and joined him on his “No Malarky” bus tour Friday to promote Biden as the fresh young face of the Democrat Party who can beat President Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

During a subsequent speech in Decorah, Iowa, Kerry promoted Biden as the only man who can “put the world back together.”

“Iowa, when you caucus in February, don’t just send a message. Send us a president. Send us a man who can put the world back together. Send us Joe Biden,” Kerry said.

Nothing can fire up the party of identity politics better than two old establishment white guys promising more “hope and change,” right?

Currently, Biden still leads the pack of Democrat candidates with 19% support, with socialist candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) trailing at 14%.

Notably, Kerry’s stepson was involved Hunter Biden’s equity firm connected to Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, but severed business ties with Hunter after the Ukraine scandal began to unfold over the summer.

Watch Kerry and Biden’s full remarks below:

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