John Lennon’s Son Slams “Pathetic” Political Correctness

People are "offended by comedy and science"

Sean Ono Lennon slammed political correctness as “pathetic,” pointing out how many people are “offended by comedy and science.”

“When I was young the most interesting people were left wing intellectuals. Believe it or not,” Lennon tweeted.

Writer and director Paul Duane responded by claiming, “We still are the most interesting.”

“No we’ve become the church lady as person below says. It’s embarrassing. We’re offended by comedy and science. It’s pathetic,” responded Lennon.

He subsequently explained that the Overton Window has moved so far left that in the future, current left-wing intellectuals will be “considered right because they are at all right of Che Guevara.”

In another conversation, Lennon illustrated the intellectual bankruptcy of progressivism by pointing out, “The upside to cultural collapse is how easy it is to spot intelligence against a backdrop of intellectual entropy.”

Sean Ono Lennon follows in the footsteps of his legendary father in being a true free thinker who isn’t afraid to speak his mind despite this possibly impacting his music career given that the industry is heavily left-wing and unforgiving towards anyone who questions the sacred cows of progressivism.

He was previously targeted by the ‘woke’ outrage mob in 2016 when he asserted, “The term ‘mansplaining’ is sexist.”


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