John Oliver Billboard Transformed Into NPC Meme By Conservative Street Artists

Tune into 'The Orange Man Bad Show' to get the latest narrative

Image Credits: @TheFaction1776/Twitter.

A billboard promoting leftist comedian John Oliver’s HBO show was transformed into a giant NPC meme by conservative street artists.

The Faction, who previously lined the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Trump stars in 2018, tweeted out an image of the altered billboard on Monday.

“After we fixed @billmaher’s billboard last month, we didn’t want @iamjohnoliver to feel left out,” the group tweeted. “Doesn’t he look better showing his true colors?!”

The billboard promoted “The Orange Man Bad Show with John Oliver,” featuring NPC Oliver peeking into frame with a speech bubble full of code and anti-Trump buzzwords like “Drumph,” “cheeto,” “bigot” and “racist.”

At the bottom of the image is a disclaimer that says, “Matrix approved NPC programming.”

The Faction also recently turned HBO host Bill Maher’s billboard into an NPC meme with the tagline, “The whole narrative and nothing but.”

As we reported, the leftist media and Silicon Valley are now aiming to ban memes because they can’t control them and their narrative-busting characteristics.

Simply put, the left can’t meme.

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