Journalist Begs Audience to Get Covid Jab Despite Suffering Heart Inflammation, Fever, Chest Pain

After receiving Pfizer jab, hospitalized woman says we must ‘make sacrifices for the greater good.’

Image Credits: Twitter / @GeorgiaBClark.

An Australian journalist begged her audience from her hospital bed to get vaccinated for Covid despite suffering an inflamed heart, fever, and chest pains after receiving the Pfizer jab.

Georgia Clark, a 27-year-old reporter for the Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph, said she would get the vaccine again even after enduring the “side effects.”

“I just spent the night in hospital with chest pain, I’ve had chest pain for about a week,” said Clark. “Started about a week after I got my second dose of Pfizer. The pain is being managed with medication.”

“Despite these side effects, I would get the vaccine again.”

Clark added that the doctors believe she has Pericarditis, a condition she describes as “a very rare side effect of the Pfizer vaccine.”

She concluded that everyone must ‘take it on the chin for the greater good.’

“I implore everyone to get the vaccine. Some of us might have to take it on the chin, take some of the side effects on the chin, most of which can be treated. But they pale in comparison to Covid.”

“… We can do this, we just have to do our part.”

In mid-July, Clark described the jab as a “ticket to freedom.”

“Fully vaxxed! Take that, Covid-19!” Tweeted Clark. “Remember what freedom felt like? Well that’s what we get if we all get vaccinated.”

“The jab is a ticket to freedom so come on, jump on that ride.”

Australians have endured some of the world’s strictest lockdowns despite nearly all new Covid hospitalizations have involved vaccinated people, according to a recent report from the country’s health officials.

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