Journalist Calls Out WAPO Reporter At Davos For Failing To Ask Elite Tough Questions

Mainstream media reporter blocked Rebel News journalist on social media following the encounter

Image Credits: screenshot rebel news.

Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini was able to question Washington Post journalist Ishaan Tharoor about his role in covering the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Footage posted online Thursday shows Yemini approaching Tharoor and asking why he was photographing his Rebel News colleague Ezra Levant as he conducted an interview.

The WAPO journalist first said he wouldn’t talk to Yemini and then claimed he was taking pictures of Levant because he found it interesting that Rebel News was reporting on the WEF meeting.

When Yemini asked Tharoor what his role at Davos was, the mainstream media employee said, “I report. I’m a journalist here.”

“So, do you question them inside?” Yemini asked. “Because you seem to be an invited guest.”

“For sure,” the WAPO reporter claimed.

Yemini then asked if the establishment journalist ever pushes back against any WEF narratives or questions the group’s hypocrisy when it comes to climate change.

At this point, a flustered Tharoor told Yemini, “I’m not going to engage in this back and forth,” and said he could read his reporting to find out if he actually asks tough questions to the world’s elite gathered in Davos.

The WAPO reporter must have been triggered by Yemini’s basic questions as he blocked the Rebel News journalist on Twitter soon after the exchange.

The Canadian outlet was also able to question Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at Davos on Wednesday in footage that has been seen over 5 million times on Twitter alone.

Alex Jones applauded the Rebel News crew and broke down the Bourla confrontation in the following special report video:

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