Journalist Exposes The Left’s Support Of Child Sex Changes

'I want to make liberals understand that the left does not hold the same values that they do,' said Ami Horowitz.

Image Credits: ami horowitz screenshot.

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz posted a man-on-the-street interview last week exposing the left’s acceptance of gender transitions for underage individuals, even against the wishes of the parents!

Horowitz hit the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus to see if students would sign a petition allowing a five-year-old girl to transition since her parents won’t let her.

Nearly everybody he approached was happy to sign the paper, except for one woman who chastised him for not wearing a face mask.

Dozens of California college students agreed with Horowitz when he suggested the fake five-year-old is “old enough” to make her own decisions.

With the video going viral, Horowitz joined PragerU co-founder Dennis Prager to further elaborate on why he did the interviews and how he felt about the responses.

He told Prager, “I want to make liberals understand that the left does not hold the same values that they do. They think they do. If you ask people who are liberal, ‘Does the left believe in open borders?’ They’ll go, ‘Of course, they don’t believe that.’ ‘Does the left believe in the destruction of capitalism?’ They look at me and they go, ‘No, that’s all right-wing talking points.’”

“If I ask them, ‘Does the left believe that five-year-olds should be allowed to medically transition through hormones and surgery?’ They would again look at me and say, ‘Nobody believes that. You’re just creating a straw man, a boogeyman,’” Horowitz said.

“So, the videos I do are to prove that that’s exactly what the left believes,” he explained.

Prager responded, “Not only does the left support this, but a big chunk of this is the undermining of parental authority. That is the first thing every cult and every totalitarian movement does. They knock out parental authority.”

Horowitz also talked with a PragerU reporter about the petition, telling the journalist he dismissed the concept at first because he didn’t think anyone would sign a paper supporting such a drastic decision for such a young person.

Asked why people would support such a thing, Horowitz said, “They’ve been brainwashed to the point where rational thought doesn’t matter. Ideology trumps rationality. They were saying it to me. ‘Oh, a five-year-old? She knows what she is. She’s old enough to make a decision like this.’”

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