Journalist Glenn Greenwald Defends ‘Alex’s War’ Documentary, Slams Pro-Censorship Liberals

New York Times bestselling author pens scathing thread bashing liberals upset over upcoming documentary.

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald bashed “left-liberals” who are up in arms over the forthcoming documentary “Alex’s War,” based on Infowars founder Alex Jones, despite the film not yet being released.

In a pointed Twitter rant Monday, Greenwald criticized triggered liberals who “stupidly” believe journalists should only speak to people with whom they agree.

“Of course a bunch of left-liberals who believe journalists should only speak to left-liberals are upset about this — that’s why their faction is so irrelevant — but Alex Lee Moyer’s film about incel culture (“tfw no gf”) was a brilliantly objective study, as is this new film,” Greenwald tweeted.

Lee Moyer’s new film, which has seen unprecedented pre-sales on Apple iTunes, seeks to answer: “Who is Alex Jones? Is he a dangerous lunatic or a patriotic hero?”

The New York Times bestselling author went on to chastise pro-censorship leftists for choosing to side with ignorance, instead of knowledge when faced with issues they don’t truly understand.

The Intercept co-founder added that Lee Moyer’s new documentary presents an objective perspective of Jones allowing the audience to come to their own conclusions on the controversial subject of the film.

Comparing it to Lee Moyer’s previous film, “TFW NO GF,” which objectively looked at incel culture, Greenwald said “Alex’s War” “avoids sanctimony and posturing,” and “Shows the audience why Alex Jones happened,” adding he’s “excited” to host a Q&A alongside Jones and the director at an upcoming premiere.

Importantly, Greenwald notes Jones was the canary in the coal mine in terms of cancel culture and Big Tech censorship, which have evolved to epic proportions over the last few years.

The renowned journalist also took issue with people on the internet falsely claiming the documentary legitimizes Jones and lends him credibility – while the film is still as yet unreleased.

“Anyway, not only would a rule that one speaks or engages with exclusively left-liberals be a corrupting and absurd way to do journalism, I also can’t think of a drearier or less interesting way to navigate life. Imagine: your whole world consists of Amy Klobuchar and Chris Hayes,” he pointed out, highlighting various instances in which journalists have conducted interviews with people they disagree with politically.

Greenwald credited the filmmakers for producing the independent documentary, especially as the progressive liberal establishment appears more and more to be embracing cancel culture and censorship.

“The world premiere of Alex’s War will take place in Austin on July 23rd, with Glenn Greenwald hosting a Q&A with director Alex Lee Moyer and subject Alex Jones live streamed on Rokfin afterwards,” the filmmakers announced in an email regarding the event.

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