Judge Joe Brown Tells Alex Jones Midterm Elections Will Be a ‘Bloodletting’ for Dems

The left will again have to resort to election theft in order to evade the incoming red wave

Image Credits: banned.video.

Judge Joe Brown joined “The Alex Jones Show” on Tuesday to discuss the 2020 midterms, government collaboration with Big Tech, Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook lawsuits and much more.

Asked what he’s predicting for the upcoming midterm elections, Brown told Jones, “I think it’s going to be a bloodletting. I’m seeing some really bad things. I note that even CBS did a poll and it’s showing that 64% of the independents are now going to vote Republican.”

In a disturbing revelation, Brown said he’s noticed men in “what look to be government vehicles” parked outside his home using binoculars to spy on him ever since he announced he’s going to run for Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee next year.

Brown and Jones also talked about the information found on Hunter Biden’s laptops and how there needs to be accountability for the Biden family’s corrupt business deals and selling out of America.