Judge Orders Biden to Keep Title 42 Barrier

Image Credits: Mario Tama/Getty Images.

A federal judge has halted President Joe Biden’s plan to end Title 42, ordering federal agencies to continue the program because the termination order likely violates federal law.

The decision is a win for President Joe Biden — but is also a win for the opponents of Biden’s easy migration policy.

Biden wins because he can keep using Title 42 to manage the migrant inflow. Without Title 42, many more migrants would rush the border, forcing TV news executives to broadcast dramatic videos on the evening news. Also, he can blame the judge when his pro-migration allies want to blame someone for the Title 42 barrier.

Pro-American groups also won because they keep the last remaining curbs on the inflow of migrants invited to the U.S. border by Biden and his pro-migration border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas. Each Month, Mayorkas is pressured to exclude one-third of the new migrants into the United States.

In April, Mayorkas exempted 137,000 migrants from Title 42 and allowed them to enter the United States, out of the 235,000 who were recorded at the border. But he also allowed roughly 60,000 more migrants to sneak across the border. So just 138,000 were excluded — and many of those will try again in May because Mayorkas flies very few of them back to their distant homelands.

Mayorkas planned to stop enforcing the barrier on Monday, May 23. But the judge’s decision does not bar Mayorkas from exempting many migrants from the Title 42 barrier.

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