Kamala Harris Destroyed on Twitter After Shilling for Yearly Covid Vaccine

'This tweet was brought to you by Pfizer.'

Image Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Social media users brutally mocked US Vice President Kamala Harris after she urged Americans to receive at least one yearly experimental Covid injection.

“One shot, once a year—that’s all most people will need to stay protected from COVID year-long,” Harris insisted on Twitter Monday.

Fatigued by false claims the shots were 100% safe and effective, Twitter users excoriated Harris for spreading misinformation, with many pointing out the shots not only do not work, but are also harming scores of patients.

While Kamala’s tweet was majorly cringe-worthy, she was outdone by outgoing NIAID director Anthony Fauci last week when he “one last time” begged Americans to take Big Pharma’s experimental mRNA shot – while Biden’s press secretary deflected questions about Covid-19’s possible lab-made origins.