Kansas passes bill forcing residents to use bathroom of the sex they were at birth

Also bans transgender people from changing name or gender on driving licenses

Image Credits: Jamie Grill / Getty Images.

A Kansas bill has been passed that ruled people must use the bathroom corresponding with the sex, either male or female, that they were born with.

It also included a ban on transgender people changing the name or gender on their driver’s licenses. The bill cleared the Legislature Tuesday. 

The Kansas Senate voted 28-12 with one vote more than a two-thirds majority needed to overturn any veto, giving final passage to an earlier House-passed version and sending it to Gov. Laura Kelly. Both chambers have Republican supermajorities.

The measure deals with bathrooms, locker rooms and other facilities, and defines ‘sex’ as ‘either male or female, at birth,’ a move LGBTQ+-rights advocates said would legally erase transgender people and deny recognition to non-binary, gender fluid and gender non-conforming people. 

Kansas’s measures are among several hundred aimed at rolling back LGBTQ rights pursued by Republicans this year across the United States. 

The wave of legislation has angered and vexed LGBTQ-rights activists, transgender people and parents of transgender children. This bill came on the same day that Florida’s Senate passed a ban on gender reassignment surgery for minors.

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