Ye West Set to Appear on Alex Jones Show

First time ever meeting between two of the most controversial men in America.

Image Credits: Edward Berthelot via Getty Images.

Kanye ‘Ye’ West is set to make a first time ever appearance on the Alex Jones Show today as he continues to build momentum for a presidential run in 2024.

Although the two have been in contact for a while, with Ye even mentioning Jones in some of his lyrics, it appears as though this will be the first actual meeting between them.

Ye appeared on Tim Pool’s podcast earlier this week, although the show didn’t quite go as expected when West walked out after about 20 minutes when Pool offered some pushback against his claims about Jewish power interests.

As we previously highlighted, Ye visited Mar-a-Lago for a dinner with President Trump last week, accompanied by Milo Yiannopoulos and controversial Groyper leader Nick Fuentes.

Dubbed #Dinnergate by the media, Trump was accused of fraternizing with anti-Semites after he reportedly said he was very impressed with Fuentes.

Trump subsequently denied knowing who Fuentes was until he met him at the dinner.

Ye said he asked Trump to be his running mate in 2024 during the dinner, an invitation that didn’t go down very well, with Kanye, Yiannopoulos and Fuentes leaving not long after.

Kanye appearing on the Alex Jones Show is sure to provoke another round of media hysteria given the level of vilification both have received recently at the hands of the press.



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