Kari Lake Displays Photo of Dem Opponent Katie Hobbs Breaking into Her GOP Campaign Office in Epic Fake News Troll

Trump-backed candidate unveiled photo of person in chicken suit inside her campaign office, joking it was Hobbs.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake masterfully trolled the lying fake news media Thursday, summoning them to an “emergency press conference” where she dismantled opponent Katie Hobbs’ lies about a Lake supporter being behind a break-in at the Democrat’s campaign headquarters.

“We’re going to do a tutorial on how fake, bogus, defamatory news is made at the hands of many of you,” Lake, a former journalist, told reporters.

“My desperate opponent, who’s sinking like a lead weight in water, pulled a stunt and you guys fell for it. She put out a defamatory statement and you all ran with it. You didn’t do your journalistic duty. It was malpractice of journalism like I’ve never seen before.”

Lake went on to troll reporters with a fake photo which she claimed showed Hobbs breaking into her Republican campaign office.

“We had an incident where somebody was… rummaging in our campaign office, and I have evidence to believe it may have been Katie Hobbs herself who was involved in this,” Lake said.

“I’d like to show you that photographic evidence. I hope you’ll cover this with the same vigor that you’ve covered everything else.”

The Trump-backed candidate went on to unveil a photo of a person in a chicken suit inside her campaign office.

“And we’re laughing. I know this is a joke, obviously, in case you didn’t figure it out.”

Watch Lake’s full presser below:

Lake previously made the chicken joke at a campaign stop earlier this month, a reference poking fun at Hobbs for being too “chicken” to debate her.

Hobbs’ campaign on Wednesday claimed Republicans incited by Lake were behind a break-in at her campaign headquarters.

However, on Thursday it emerged 36-year-old homeless illegal alien Daniel Mota Dos Reis, who described himself a pro-mask Democrat on social media, was arrested in connection to the break-in.

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