Keeping Families Together Not Enough – Liberals Demand Amnesty Now!

'It is time to end family detention once and for all'

Image Credits: David McNew/Getty Images.

Liberals outraged over the president’s latest Executive Order putting an end to family separations at the border pressed Trump to go further Wednesday, demanding he end family detentions entirely.

After the president went along with the left’s wishes, open borders proponents at Amnesty International called the latest order, allowing families to be held in detention together during immigration proceedings, a human rights travesty.

EXECUTIVE ORDER IMPRISONS FAMILIES INDEFINITELY,” the London-based Amnesty International baselessly proclaimed on their website.

“Make no mistake—this executive order is a betrayal of families fleeing violence and persecution,” claimed Amnesty’s Denise Bell. “Mothers, fathers, and children must not be held behind bars for prolonged periods for seeking safety. Not only does imprisoning children go against our country’s shared values of dignity and equality, but it is also unlawful and threatens to permanently stain the U.S. human rights record.”

“Detaining families is not the solution to ending family separation,” Bell wrote.

The answer, Amnesty insists, is that “It is time to end family detention once and for all.”

The President’s Executive Order allows for “temporary detention” of families as they are prosecuted for unlawfully entering the country, and allows DHS “to detain alien families together throughout the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper entry or any removal or other immigration proceedings.”

On Wednesday President Trump highlighted that Democrats have done nothing to fix illegal immigration, and instead want open borders.