Kissinger Tells Biden To Undo Trump’s China Stance Or Face WWI-Style “Catastrophe”

Image Credits: Adam Berry/Getty Images.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gave some globalist advice to Joe Biden, saying he should reverse President Trump’s aggressive policies towards China to avoid “catastrophe comparable to World War I.”

Speaking at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum on Monday (with Chinese translations), Kissinger warned that Biden must now engage in “cooperative action” with China to avoid war.

“Unless there is some basis for some cooperative action, the world will slide into a catastrophe comparable to World War I,” Kissinger said.

“America and China are now drifting increasingly toward confrontation, and they’re conducting their diplomacy in a confrontational way,” the 97-year-old top globalist continued. “The danger is that some crisis will occur that will go beyond rhetoric into actual military conflict.”

Kissinger then said that the Coronavius pandemic (which China unleashed) serves as a “lesson” for nations to work together “on some global basis.”

“If you can look at COVID as a warning, in the sense that in practice it is dealt with by each country largely autonomously, but its long-term solution has to be on some global basis,” Kissinger said. “It should be dealt with as a lesson.”

Kissinger said although he agreed with Trump’s actions to address a world economy that was “not balanced” when he came into office, his negotiation tactics with China and other countries are not sustainable.

“Trump has a more confrontational method of negotiation than you can apply indefinitely,” Kissinger said. Early in Trump’s term, “it was important for him to emphasize the deep concerns Americans have about the evolution of the world economy that is not balanced. I think that was important to emphasize. But since then, I would have preferred a more differentiated approach.”

“The United States and China have never faced countries of a magnitude that is roughly equal with the other,” Kissinger said. “This is the first experience. And we must avoid its turning into conflict, and hopefully lead to some cooperative endeavors.”

When Kissinger says “off balanced”, he may have been referring to China’s stealing U.S. intellectual property and military technology, and profiting from one-sided trade deals for decades.

Notably, Kissinger was the diplomat who made possible President Richard Nixon’s historic trip to China in 1972, and has convinced many companies to invest in China in the 1990s, leading to its joining the World Trade Organization in 2000.

Kissinger failed to mention that it was China who unleashed COVID-19 upon the world (while aggressively mitigating the virus within its own borders), and subsequently tried to cover it up with the help of the World Health Organization in early 2020.

Most people of world take the opposite position of Kissinger: China must pay and be held accountable for unleashing COVID-19 on the world.

The Bloomberg New Economy Forum claims its mission is “to realize the potential of a healthy New Economy by enabling global leaders from East and West to forge common ground.”

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