Klobuchar Drops Out Of Dem Race, Will Endorse Biden

Another 'moderate' bites the dust

Image Credits: Alex Wong/Getty Images.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has become the latest Democratic primary candidate to end her campaign following Joe Biden’s win in South Carolina Saturday.

This comes after Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer dropped out after the South Carolina primary.

She also closed a campaign event after Black Lives Matter protesters overran it on Sunday.

Klobuchar, who billed herself as a moderate candidate, will endorse Biden at his campaign rally in Dallas, Texas, on Monday night.

From The New York Times:

Ms. Klobuchar, despite a strong third-place finish in New Hampshire, lagged her moderate rivals in every other state and was often seen as a candidate siphoning support. Though she had varying levels of support across the Super Tuesday map, polling within reach of leading candidates in some predominantly Republican states with open primaries, but it is unclear how much of a boost any of her rivals will see in the wake of Ms. Klobuchar’s exit, or where she may direct her 7 delegates.

The timing of her and Buttigieg’s exit from the race just before Super Tuesday is notable.

It will likely ease Biden’s chances of picking up more delegates against frontrunner Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist, which may diminish the chances of a brokered convention this summer.

One of the most cringeworthy moments of 2020 so far, Klobuchar tries and fails miserably to bluff her way through a question about Mexico’s President. She has no idea who he is but she thinks Mexico is of paramount importance & we should get rid of English in the US