Knifeman Hijacks Bus During Stabbing Rampage In China

At least 8 dead, 22 injured

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

At least eight people have been killed and 22 wounded after a man hijacked a bus during a stabbing rampage in Longyan, China, according to Asian media.

The suspect began slashing passengers aboard a bus during the attempted hijacking, Reports indicate.

The large vehicle reportedly careened out of control, crashing through cars and motorcycles while hitting pedestrians.

Videos posted to social media purporting to be shot at the scene of the attack depict carnage and widespread damage.


Another video reportedly shows a group of police officers and civilians wrestling the suspect to the ground.

“The state-run Xinhua news agency reported the suspect was a 48-year-old local man,” Channel News Asia reports. “Blood could also be seen on the steps of the bus, which had been stopped in the middle of a road.”

“The hijacker had attacked a female passenger before taking control of the bus, Duowei reported.”

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