Kremlin steps up its propaganda war by claiming Nato troops are in Ukraine preparing to attack… while Russian troops mass at the border

Image Credits: Max Ryazanov / Getty Images.

The Kremlin is pumping out disinformation saying Nato troops are in Ukraine preparing to attack Russian allies and facilities.

It claims the alliance’s soldiers are involved in fighting against Moscow-backed separatists in the long-running war in the Donbas region. 

Security experts warn the barrage of fake news, designed to harden opinion at home and spread confusion abroad, exceeds even the levels in 2014 before Moscow seized Crimea and fostered insurgencies in the Donbas.

Maria Avdeeva said the propaganda – often starting on the messaging service Telegram – showed the gravity of the Russian threat.

‘Every day, channels on Telegram come up with new “evidence” aimed at showing how Ukrainian forces alone, or with help of allies such as the US, Canada and Britain, are preparing different sorts of provocation,’ added the analyst. 

‘After that, the messages migrate to the Russian mainstream media.

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