LA Dodgers Slammed Over Pride Night Invitation to LGBT Group that Performed Stripper Pole Christ Crucifixion Routine

MLB team bends to woke mob inviting LGBT group which makes mocking Christianity a staple of their LGBT worship.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

The Los Angeles Dodgers MLB team is striking out over its invitation of pro-LGBT group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to appear at their 10th annual Pride Night celebration.

Originally cancelled from appearing at the event after outrage from Christian conservative groups, the Dodgers responding to LGBT backlash re-issued their invitation Monday to the Sisters, a group which in the past has staged religiously offensive stunts, including mock crucifixions of Jesus Christ.

Footage of one mock crucifixion staged by the group, in which a drag queen performed a stripper pole routine on a man dressed as Jesus as he stood on the cross, was shared widely on social media.

The CatholicVote group on Twitter further dug into the Sisters’ background and showed their entire gimmick is mocking Christianity.

The Dodgers continued taking flak over the decision on social media Wednesday, with Daily Wire reporter Megan Basham questioning why a team with a Christian pitcher and manager would allow such blasphemy.

Time will tell whether fans turn out for the blasphemous display, or whether offended team members speak up.

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