LAPD Arrest Man “Armed to Teeth” Impersonating National Guard

Man dressed in military garb arrested near LAPD headquarters early Tuesday

Police in Los Angeles arrested a man who was reportedly “armed to the teeth” and attempting to impersonate National Guard soldiers, local media reports.

The man, arrested Tuesday morning in downtown Los Angeles, was identified as 31-year-old Gregory Wong.

“@FOXLA has learned that LAPD arrested 31 y/o Gregory Wong in DTLA this AM while dressed as/impersonating National Guard,” Fox LA reporter Bill Melugin wrote on social media. “He was armed to the teeth and was booked on assault weapons charges. LAPD says federal charges may come next. Sources confirm this photo.”

Photos show the man’s arsenal consisted of at least one pistol and a rifle with a brown strap along with several loaded magazines, in addition to a desert camouflage helmet and tactical belt.

Wong was arrested across from LAPD headquarters at around 1:30AM.

Wong is reportedly held on a $50,000 bond and faces manufacturing and distribution of assault weapons charges.

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