Las Vegas Police Capture Light Falling From Sky On Dashcam Before Family Claims ’10-Foot Tall Creatures’ Seen In Backyard

Wild tale going viral as people across America chime in with their takes on what happened

Image Credits: 8 news now screenshot.

A bizarre story came out of Las Vegas, Nevada this week after local police released bodycam and dispatch audio of officers responding to a family saying they saw creatures in their backyard soon after the cops witnessed a light falling from the sky.

According to 8 News Now, sources claimed multiple agencies believe something landed or crashed in the area where the family lives.

In 911 audio, a young man can be heard telling police a pair of “very large” creatures standing between eight to ten feet tall were in his backyard and that he wasn’t joking, adding, “We’re terrified.”

“They look like aliens to us. They have big eyes, like I can’t explain it. And a big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re one hundred percent not human,” he told the dispatcher.

Minutes before the 911 call, a Las Vegas Metro Police officer captured a green light falling from the sky on his body camera.

The officer who ended up being sent to investigate the call about aliens in the backyard said he was nervous upon arriving and asked the family if they’d seen anything fall from the sky before witnessing the creatures.

A man in the family pointed to neighbors and claimed they told them they’d seen a big thing with lights fall down near their backyard.

In a recent video, one of the family members decided to go into details about his account.

The family member played a home security camera that reportedly captured the moment the object fell from the sky where a bright flash can be seen as a whistle and boom are heard.

Next, the young man described the moment his brother told him to look behind the tractor in their backyard and he saw “a tall, skinny, lengthy creature” with a “grey-greenish color.”

When he looked the creature in its eyes, the young man’s body froze as if he had sleep paralysis until he was able to run into the home.

The alien allegedly had “weird looking feet and a big face and eyes and a big mouth,” and the young man “could hear his loud deep breathing and see his stomach moving.”

While the family waited for the police to arrive, they could reportedly hear footsteps in the backyard and hear whispering outside before they started hearing footsteps on their roof.

After the police left, the young man said his family went inside and began praying when they heard a loud “human-like scream” in their backyard.

The police footage has gone viral online with people across the U.S. speculating about what could have fallen from the sky and what the family may have seen in the backyard.

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