Leaked Call: Democrat Senate Candidate Caught Encouraging Liberal ‘Secret Sleepers’ To Run As Republicans

Democrat candidate also asked for 'dope' money to fund her campaign

Image Credits: project veritas screenshot.

An audio recording leaked by Project Veritas on Sunday exposed a South Carolina Democrat State Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate for trying to get other liberals to run for office posing as Republicans.

“We need some secret sleepers,” Democrat Senate candidate Krystle Matthews said in the leaked phone call. “Like you need, we need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side. And we need them to win. We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections. For me, I feel like we need sleepers.”

The audio comes from a February 13 phone call between Matthews and an inmate named David Solomon Ballard who is housed in the Perry Correctional Institution in South Carolina.

The Democrat candidate told the inmate, “When we get enough of us in there, we can wreak havoc for real from the inside out. Then we can flip some shit from the inside out.”

Continuing, Matthews complained that she’s not getting enough money from black people, saying, “Where the fuck is my black people with money? I don’t care about no dope money! Give me that dope boy money! So, where the fucking dope? Where the duffel bag boys? Get you – find me somebody from your family that don’t even know you donating to my campaign and put that shit under they names.”

After soliciting drug money to fund her campaign, Matthews said she doesn’t relate with “these black people” she’s trying to get to vote for her.

She noted that she “can talk intelligently” and is able to “move in all kinds of circles,” before stressing, “But, I’m a nigga at heart. I love black people. I feel safest around my people. I’m very much a nigga in many ways, but I know how to turn it off and turn it on.”

“We need some folks that can wear all black at night and take they fucking yard signs down when they sleeping,” she added.

During a Monday morning interview discussing the leaked audio, Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina encouraged voters and the GOP to vet their candidates more carefully.

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