Leaked Deposition Claims FBI Has Seth Rich Emails Asking Wikileaks To Pay Him In Exchange For Info

Image Credits: The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty.

A recently leaked deposition by Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Sy Hersh claims a “trusted source” saw emails between deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich and Wikileaks.

The deposition, published by Texas attorney Ty Clevenger, lends credibility to a 2017 audio recording where Hersh made the same allegation.

However, for the last three years, Hersh has been trying to rescind the original remark.

In an August 2020 cover-up article, Rolling Stone said Hersh’s 2017 comments were “all just musings” that “turned out not to be true.”

He also said that just because a source told him the information, “doesn’t make it true.”

One month before the Rolling Stone article, in an official deposition from July of 2020, Hersh confirmed his 2017 remarks were in-fact true.

Hersch was asked, “It’s true that you had a trusted source whom you had known for 31 years who communicated information to you about the FBI examining Seth Rich’s computer, finding emails from Seth Rich to Wikileaks, and requesting payment in exchange. That is a true statement, is it not?”

Hersh’s response was, “My answer is it’s absolutely true. I had a source who communicated secondhand information to me about the issues you raise.”

“So, when you say ‘doesn’t mean it’s true,’ is what you mean by that that you could not verify the content of what was communicated to you by your trusted source?” Hersh was asked.

He answered, “No, it does not mean that to me.”

“Well, what does it mean to you then?” Hersh was asked to elucidate.

Next, Hersh admitted, “I made no attempt to verify. I didn’t consider it something worth verifying.”

So, Hersh told Rolling Stone his source’s information “turned out not to be true,” one month after he told lawyers he never attempted to verify the claim in the first place.

The deposition was revealed just weeks after an FBI attorney admitted the agency found over 20,000 pages worth of internal documents in which Seth Rich is mentioned.

The alleged trove of Seth Rich references is crucial after the agency denied having any information on the deceased DNC staffer for years.