‘Leave Our Kids Alone!’ Canadian Muslim & Christian Parents Protest LGBT Indoctrination, Child Stomps Trans Flags

Fights break out between 'Protect Trans Kids' protesters and 'Leave Our Kids Alone' protesters.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot, @TheRealKeean.

Footage out of Ottawa, Canada, shows outraged parents from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds taking to the streets in protest of the pro-LGBT curriculum indoctrinating students into the woke leftist cult.

The protests uniting the two religious faiths were documented outside the Ottawa School Board Friday by CounterSignal reporter Keean Bexte, who posted footage of the confrontations to Twitter.

Bexte’s camera was rolling as the pro-LGBT “Protect Trans Kids” activists converged with “Leave Our Kids Alone” parent protesters, leading to chaos and arrests.

“If you don’t let us give young girls mastectomies’ we’ll get violent!” Bexte documented people on the pro-LGBT side saying.

Muslim children at the protest were also filmed stomping on a pile of gay and transgender flags.

One Muslim mother told Bexte, “We want to keep our kids from the bad things they want to teach them.”

“Leave our kids alone,” she stated, threatening to take her children out of public school and enroll them in private school.

Pro-LGBT protesters carried signs reading, “Pride Not Prejudice”, “Protect trans youth” and “Hate does not belong here.”

Meanwhile, “Leave Our Kids Alone” protesters wore red hats stating, “Save Canada,” and had signs that read, “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers,” “Wake up the Minister of Education,” and a poster claiming the word “mom” is defined as “a human female who protects her kids from gender ideology.”

“Protect our kids from satanic groomers & odious politicians,” another sign stated, adding, “Nationalism=Freedom, Globalism IS Slavery, Vote PPC-Stop Trudeau,” and “Make Canada Sane Again,” adding, “Honk Honk.”

The CBC reported five arrests were made at the protest.

The incident comes as pushback against the insane leftist agenda targeting children appears to have coincided with the kickoff of gay pride month, which started June 1.

Earlier this week Muslim and Christian parents also united in Montgomery County, Maryland, to oppose the school board’s “no opt-out” policy for certain LGBTQ+ books.

Pro-LGBT activists also confronted parents protesting LGBT indoctrination outside the Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood last week.

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