Left Declares 2020 ‘Year of the Resistance’ to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson

They haven't learned a thing from 2019

Image Credits: JOHANNES EISELE / Contributor / Getty.

Left-wing activists declared 2020 the “year of the resistance,” vowing on New Year’s Eve to redouble their efforts to removing President Donald Trump from office and winning the 2020 presidential and congressional elections.

Scott Dworkin, a political consultant who founded the Democratic Coalition Against Trump super PAC, helped push the “Russia collusion” theory, and is trying to recruit Republicans to the cause of impeachment, tweeted his thanks to “The Resistance,” adding: “I look forward to working to remove Trump, winning back the White House and Senate, and holding the House in 2020.”

Others followed suit. New York University professor and political commentator Ruth Ben-Ghiat, who has criticized what she calls Trump’s “authoritarian-minded tendencies,” tweeted:

Liberal freelance writer Kimberly Gasuras, who once compared Trump’s election to domestic violence, added:

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