Leftist Veterans Group Taunts Trump About Possible Military Casualties at Embassy

Far-left vets hype prospect of American casualties

Image Credits: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP via Getty Images.

VoteVets, a self-styled progressive and Trump-hating group has been caught hyping the prospect of American casualties in the siege on the American Embassy in Baghdad.

As one respondent put it, “That’s a bizarre look for a veterans group.”


The far-Left group started in 2006. It’s a 501 (c)(4) political action group whose mandate is to educate the public on its issues. But as OpenSecrets.org reports, VoteVets, run by a handful of people, actually spends most of its money supporting candidates. Democratic candidates, that is.

It is supported by unions and has funneled money to David Brock’s anti-Trump oppo research group, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Alex Jones lays out the motifs between mass shootings in the United States (shooters on pharmaceutical drugs, ignored FBI and police reports, 24/7 mainstream media coverage, etc.) and analyzes the most recent church shooting in White Settlement, Texas.

The group created a campaign ad in 2016 calling Trump a “cheap fraud.”

It seems odd that a Leftist group is against the one candidate who promised an end to “endless wars.”

The landing page on the group’s website calls Trump a “national security threat.”

Among their reasons is Trump pulling out of the Iran deal and the Paris Climate Treaty. Sure.

So this sentiment is right in line with the group’s Trump Derangement Syndrome affliction:

There’s no love lost between the president and VoteVets. He’s blocked them on Twitter.


Whoever took the helm of the VoteVets Twitter account today not only couldn’t spell – it’s “your,” friend – but they seemed to cheerlead a tragedy for Trump complete with a smoke-filled video at the embassy:

“Hey @POTUS, remember you’re [sic] Benghazi rants of 2016. You’re about to have one of your own unfortunately [sic] in Iraq.”

The group also claimed that Trump was “violating” the Iran agreement he pulled out of. Whose side are these guys on, anyway?


President Trump undoubtedly has been thinking of President Obama’s failed Benghazi operation and President Carter’s 1979 American Embassy takeover and hostage-taking in Iran as he confronts the attack on the American Embassy in Baghdad.

It’s reasonable for this group to think about it, too. But to almost gleefully wish for it? Now that’s just sick, “Unfortunately.”

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