Leftists Attack Black Sports Reporter For Not Pushing Racial Narrative

"If the goal is to promote justice for Ahmaud Arbery, LeBron's rhetoric doesn't promote justice," Jason Whitlock says

Black sports journalist Jason Whitlock was targeted by leftists for disagreeing with LeBron James who claimed African-Americans are “literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME.”

Whitlock was responding to James who commented on the Feb. shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia.

James said the shooting was proof that African-Americans overall are “literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME,” which Whitlock disagreed with.

It’s worth noting that Whitlock also said “Ahmaud Arbery deserves justice,” so he’s disagreeing with James’ emotional response to the shooting rather than the shooting itself.

This prompted outrage from Twitter “blue checkmark” crowd, but Whitlock didn’t waver from his opinion; instead, he doubled down:

Additionally, sports reporter Nate Scott wrote an article criticizing Whitlock by stating that James never mentioned Michael Jordan in his tweet, but notably he didn’t comment on the meat of Whitlock’s argument, which was that, as an African-American, he didn’t feel he was being “hunted everyday/everytime.”

Whitlock is a commentator for Fox Sports and was an offensive lineman for Ball State University.