Leftists Clamour For President Trump To Be ‘Dragged Out Of White House In Handcuffs’

Image Credits: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images.

After the Boston Globe suggested that it would not be good for the nation to have to see President Trump forcefully removed from the White House, scores of leftists responded by arguing that they would love to see that exact scenario come to fruition.

The Globe tweeted Tuesday “Even a nation hooked on drama does not want to see a US president dragged out the front door of the White House on Jan. 20.”

That was an invitation for the deranged anti-Trump brigade to emphasise that they would ‘LOVE’ to see it happen:

No matter how crazy leftists get, Keith Olbermann always has the ability to go to eleven:

For others, simply being removed isn’t enough, they feel Trump should be publicly executed:

Tom Pappert joins Owen to break down the latest strategy by the Trump Legal team.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, Barack Obama joked that the Navy SEALs could be used to drag Trump out of the White House:

Although Obama was obviously joking, the Biden campaign was deadly serious when it leveled a similar threat against Trump just two days after the election.

“The United States government is capable of escorting trespassers from the White House,” said a statement from the Biden campaign.

As we previously reported, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley met with TV network anchors on the weekend before the election to inform them that the U.S. Military would not intervene in the aftermath.