Leftists Cry And Moan To Spotify As Alex Jones Appears On Joe Rogan Podcast

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Leftists were triggered Tuesday as Infowars guru Alex Jones was able to appear on a big tech platform without being censored or banned.

Jones was once again a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, however, it was the first time Jones has appeared since Rogan moved to Spotify, prompting scores of butthurt leftists to immediately begin lobbying the streaming service to take down the episode.

The Independent complained that “Rogan and Jones appeared in a photo that showed them failing to practise social distancing,” before noting that “critics called out Spotify for hosting Jones via the episode when he is supposed to have been banned from the platform.”

Christine Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s kid, claimed that “Alex Jones posted death threats against me. He called Sandy Hook a hoax and harassed mourning families. Now he is lying about covid vaccines. His hate speech is not just vile – it’s dangerous. WTH Spotify?”

Pelosi picked up on posts from “free speech activist” Nathan Bernard, who seemed to be exclusively calling for Jones’ and Rogan’s free speech to be shut down:

As soon as they heard that Jones was on the podcast, Leftist “reporters” began harassing Spotify demanding to know why Jones isn’t banned

CNN’s resident bed wetter also got in on the act:

Aside from spewing their usual vitriol against Jones, Soros propaganda arm Media Matters also went after Comedian Tim Dillon, who appeared alongside Jones and Rogan on the podcast, insinuating that he is a racist for expressing disdain over Democrat efforts to defund police.

Other leftists cried to Spotify, threatening to cancel their accounts, along with the hashtag #cancelspotify, which is highly ironic given that a large portion of Jones and Rogan’s conversation centred around cancel culture:


Cry some more…

Given that Jones’ last appearance on Rogan was the most listened to podcast in a decade, Spotify is likely not all that worried about these 14 snowflakes canceling: