Leftists, Democrats Giddy with Unbridled Joy as Trump Indictment Looms

Image Credits: Shane Bevel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images.

The impending arrest of former president Donald Trump has sparked reactions from the former president’s detractors on social media.

After Trump announced via Truth Social Saturday morning he would be arrested on Tuesday pursuant to an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, several Trump critics responded derisively on social media.

Actor George Takei wrote a sarcastic message on Twitter:

Who among us haven’t participated in a scheme to pay hush money to a porn star on the eve of a national election and then hide those payments illegally?

If they can come for Trump, they can come for you!

Social media influencer and rabid Trump critic Brian Krassenstein wrote on Twitter that Trump “will be booked and fingerprinted as any alleged criminal is.”

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