Leftists Lose It After Trump Places Candy on Trick-or-Treater’s Head

Triggered libs fume after Trump opts for trick, instead of treat

Anti-Trump leftists fumed at the president Monday over the way he passed out candy to trick-or-treaters at a White House event.

During the Halloween 2019 candy giveaway, Trump and First Lady Melania handed out full-sized candy bars to children dressed up as everything from lizards to superheroes.

But leave it to deranged leftists to rake Trump over the coals after he decided to have fun with one of the costumed revelers.

In the triggering footage being lambasted across social media, Trump places candy on top of a child dressed as a minion character, after which the candy slides off the child and onto the floor.

It was enough for one leftist to question why he was elected: “I can’t believe we really allowed his ass to become President.”

Others claimed Trump and Melania were “bad at Halloween.”

Tagging the president and Melania, another leftist tweeted the footage was proof they were both “stupid and out of touch.”

The situation was described as a “fail” by another Twitter user.

And another claimed Trump “confused the hell out” of the kid.

“Even when passing out #Halloween candy, Donald Trump is a complete dick,” wrote another user.

Another person chastised Trump for using the wrong type of basket!

“My lord, these people are effing idiots,” a popular Twitter user announced.

The feigned outrage is illustrative of Trump Derangement Syndrome, showing how haters exploit even the smallest non-issue to blast the president – even if he’s just having fun.

In a glimmer of hope, at least one person who claimed he wasn’t a Trump supporter found no issue with what Trump did and told haters to “get a hobby.”

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