Leftists Replace U.S. Flag With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility

This is what enemies do when conquering a nation's lands.

Image Credits: @DentistNo5/Twitter.

Leftists removed a U.S. flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag outside of an ICE processing center in Aurora, Colorado, to protest the detention of illegal immigrants and upcoming deportation raids.

Hundreds of protesters had gathered outside the ICE facility Friday evening, and after tearing down the American flag spray painted graffiti that read “Abolish ICE” on a Blue Lives Matter flag before flying it upside down.


Fortunately, authorities put the American flag back up shortly after the leftist demonstration.

The left has been on a quest to destroy America’s institutions and symbols for years.

Just recently, ex-NFL social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick complained to Nike about their “racist” Betsy Ross flag shoes.

Democrats even tried labeling the Betsy Ross flag as a “Confederate symbol” — despite the fact former President Obama flew such flags during his inauguration.

Planned ICE raids had been scheduled in June, but President Trump delayed the operation after specifics of the it leaked to the media.

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