Lefty Reporter Scolded After Claiming Anyone Who Questions Trans Ideology Is A FASCIST

"Transphobia is one of the most potent entry points to fascism."

Image Credits: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images.

A reporter for the Guardian was scolded by Twitter users after declaring that anyone who has any questions regarding transgender ideology is a fascist.

Julia Carrie Wong, a U.S. based reporter for the left leaning outlet, declared that anyone expressing dissent from ‘the message’ is a bigot, claiming that “transphobia is one of the most potent entry points to fascism.”

Displaying a startling lack of self awareness, Wong then linked to an article by gender theorist Judith Butler arguing that “autoritarians are likening ‘genderism’ to ‘communism’ and ‘totalitarianism’”.

That’s not ok, but it is seemingly fine for Wong to call people that don’t agree with her view ‘fascists’ though.

‘It’s ok when we do it.’

Lets check in on the responses:


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