Legendary Texas Rapper Slim Thug Defends Ye – ‘Kanye Is Being A Gladiator In A Business Sense’

'After he said the Jewish shit, that's when they dropped him,' he explained.

Image Credits: Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty.

Houston, Texas hip-hop legend Slim Thug spoke out on the controversial comments recently made by his fellow rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

Ye has been canceled by the mainstream for making remarks about how some Jewish individuals in his life have tried to assume power over his decisions.

Touching on this divisive topic, Slim Thug explained no grown man feels good when being told what to do, telling his followers, “How much of a hoe do feel like when a motherfucker can tell you you better not voice your opinion? You gotta feel like a hoe if somebody can tell you, ‘You’re not saying nothing or you’re not getting paid.’”

The Texas icon also noted Ye is putting his hundreds of millions of dollars on the line in order to speak his mind.

“After he said the Jewish shit, that’s when they dropped him,” Slim Thug said. “Which lets you know that whatever company saying that, The FootLocker, Jewish people own us and we making it clear to Jewish people that we not fucking with Kanye West so they don’t cut us off. Everybody who’s saying that has a Jewish boss and making it clear that, ‘Hey man, I know y’all own me, please don’t cut off my checks.’”

He continued, “Kanye West is being a motherfucking gladiator in a business sense, and challenging the motherfuckers that dropped him and challenged him to do his shit by himself.”

Later, Slim Thug added, “We the white man’s bitch, and I shouldn’t say white man, I should say Jewish man’s bitch because they own damn-near 90% of the culture bro, strategically. They let us say whatever about killing each other, they don’t get mad. When we say anything about them, you apologize…”

The rapper then claimed Jewish individuals control the vast majority of the rap industry.

Slim Thug further explained, “You don’t realize how much money would trickle down to the black community if we owned the culture. If we had that other 90% of bread coming in that the Jewish people are robbing us of, do you know how much of that money would trickle down into the community, into different people like, ‘let me hire you to do this, let me hire you to do that.’ Come on man, y’all don’t even get it. The dude is fighting for us on a whole level that we don’t even understand but we trying to cancel him. And everybody celebrating and shit.”

This type of awakening is exactly why the mainstream has been censoring the internet and canceling anyone who strays from their groupthink narratives.