LGBTQ Spotify Employees Unsuccessfully Beg CEO To Delete ‘Transphobic’ Joe Rogan Podcasts

Pressure to delete episodes of mainstream liberal libertarian Joe Rogan's podcast mounts inside Spotify

Image Credits: Screenshot.

An internal power struggle is reportedly underway at streaming giant Spotify, as “LGBTQIA+/ally” employees are pressuring CEO Daniel Ek to delete previous episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast” that they consider to be “transphobic.”

The company has reportedly held no less than 10 internal meetings about the Rogan podcasts, according to sources who spoke with left-wing outlet VICE.

A massive all-hands-on-deck meeting was reportedly held on Wednesday, in which questions were submitted by employees, such as “Many LGBTQAI+/ally Spotifiers feel unwelcome and alienated because of leadership’s response in JRE conversations. What is your message to those employees?”

The employees pushing for the removal of Joe Rogan were also reportedly asked to refrain from leaking the contents of the internal dialogue to the media, but the discussion was quickly leaked to VICE.

Alex Jones hosts this live Monday broadcast with in studio guest Ali Alexander and lays out President Trump’s path to winning the 2020 election and keeping the presidency from falling into globalist hands.

One of the podcasts that elicited the strongest reaction from the employees was a discussion between Rogan and author Abigail Schrier, during which Rogan noted, “You realize that people are not looking at this objectively, they are activists and they have this agenda, and the agenda is very ideologically driven that anybody who even thinks they might be trans should be trans, are trans, and the more trans people the better.”

Spotify has already failed to port over several episodes of the Joe Experience Podcast, all featuring guests deemed controversial by corporate media.

The two episodes featuring radio and television host Alex Jones have failed to appear on Spotify, despite being arguably the most popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes of all time.

Jones said on his show that the failure of the episodes to appear on Spotify was not the result of censorship, however:

“Joe Rogan is in control on what goes on his show, and I’m just super excited about it,” Jones said. “To see him as the number 1 media person in the world and to know that he’s having all these big diverse conversations is extremely exciting. Joe is not being censored, he is the captain of his own ship. I’m very excited and I’m looking to come on his podcast again very soon.”

The “transphobic” episodes decried by left-wing Spotify employees have yet to be removed by the platform.