Liberal Professor Claims Orderly Pantries A Sign Of ‘Racist’ & ‘Sexist’ Behavior

Is your kitchen oppressing women and minorities?

Image Credits: owngarden / getty.

Loyola University Chicago Professor Jenna Drenten is leading a crusade against the racism and sexism associated with neat and orderly refrigerators and pantries!

In a recent article, the professor slammed “obsessively organized kitchens” and claimed “cleanliness has historically been used as a cultural gatekeeping mechanism” where people with clean things are inherently viewed as “nice.”

Drenten claimed using glass containers to store pantry items or buying plexiglass containers to keep fridge products is rooted in “a history of classistracist and sexist social structures.”

She said her “research” led her to the conclusion that “pantry porn” is racist because “social media influencers who produce pantry porn are predominantly white women.”

At one point, Drenten compared women with well-stocked and neatly organized pantries to “doomsday preppers” after admitting the “pantry porn” trend became more popular in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Concluding her article, insinuated clean and organized pantries and refrigerators are sexist because it somehow makes life easier for men.

“Pantry porn, as a status symbol, relies on the promise of making daily domestic work easier. But if women are largely responsible for the work required to maintain the perfectly organized pantry, it’s critical to ask: easier for whom?” she asked.

This is yet another example of bizarre cultural Marxism being spread by far-left college teachers brainwashing America’s young men and women.

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